Spa Concept

Spa concept means for Hotel Wellness personalized experience and wellness.

Concept Development

For the design of the Wellness Concept, we take into consideration the style and aesthetics of the hotel, the needs, the available space, and the characteristics of your clientele.
Each time we create an innovative holistic idea with a thematic character, combining beauty, nutrition, and sports in perfect harmony.
Our purpose is to create an area of wellness and tranquility that will combine the absolute satisfaction of the customer while utilizing the equipment and facilities of the wellness center-spa.

Spa Menu Design

The treatment and wellness menu of a SPA is an important factor for the success and profitability of the center.
Inspired by the Spa Concept, we design a comprehensive menu of wellness services that will cater to all groups of hotel guests (men, women, and children). It will exude harmony in the body and soul, creating a unique refreshing experience, but at the same time it will be flexible and accessible to the visitor.
The menu will consist of basic, as well as signature SPA treatments, based on international, distinguished brands, always meeting the protocols and the standards of the European SPA’s Association.

Feasibility Study Analysis

Based on our long-time experience, we are able to provide you with a detailed operation study that will ensure the viability of the wellness department – spa of your hotel.
The study includes a budget for the construction and equipment of the spa, enclosing a list of all the necessary products, consumables and supplies that will be needed for its daily and perfect operation, as well as the necessary specialties and jobs for the proper staffing of the departments.
In combination, a detailed budget of income and expenses is prepared for the daily operation of the wellness department we create.
The study of operation and the right budget are one of the most important tools in your hands, and they define the strategy that should be followed to maximize the financial results and the return on your investment (ROI).

Equipment Consulting

We often choose the most expensive and high-tech machinery and equipment, because we believe will ensure a greater influx of customers. However, sometimes the costs end up being non-functional or disproportionate, in relation to the demand for the spa services provided and the sustainability of the space.
Having collaborated with a lot of commercial companies in the industry, we are aware of the advantages and disadvantages in the market. We guide you to choose the right suppliers and equipment of the wellness department – spa of your hotel, avoiding unnecessary expenses and at the same time creating a fully functional space, fully equipped and able to meet all the needs of the visitor.