Hotel Wellness is a company that operates wellness centers and SPA, specializing in Greek hotels.
Our 20 years of experience in the field of wellness makes us one of the largest companies for the management of wellness centers and SPA in Greece.

The wellness and beauty services, and consequently the SPA, are nowadays a very important provision of the hotel. The offered product must be a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for the customer and at the same time a PROFITABLE DEPARTMENT for the hotelier.

Each hotel is for us a unique canvas of inspiration and creation. We design from A to Z the wellness department of your hotel, generating a unique concept each time.

Fruitfully operating several different SPAs, we are aware of the recipe for success. Besides, since we’re also looking at the trends of the global market, we can provide you with high-quality counselling and management services.

We design step by step the wellness department of your hotel, based on the dynamics of the nights, the nationality of your customers and the prices of your hotel rooms, to fit perfectly with the philosophy of your hotel.

In an existing SPA, we adapt the product, renew, upgrade, and equip your wellness area. Respectively we seek, hire, and train the appropriate personnel.

We are the operating manager of the SPA for your hotel, who will ensure its daily, smooth procedure and of course its profitability.

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Our Values For Your Hotel


Our passion for wellness is a way of life for us that has been transformed into a business activity.


The wellness sector in the hotel is a developing one. We are constantly being inforThe wellness sector in the hotel is a developing one. We are constantly being informed, we are constantly evolving, moving ahead, and creating innovative as well as personalized proposals.


Specialization is one of our core values. We work with seriousness and respect for our obligations.


Our success is attributed to our long-time in the administration and management of Spa. We support the profitability of our clients with sustainable methods and solutions, we become the operation manager of the spa, ensuring the development and return of the investment.


Consistency in our commitments is our basic principle. This is how we create meaningful relationships and collaborations based on trust.

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• Passion
• Creativity
• Professionalism
• Effectiveness
• Reliability

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