The proper selection and training of the human resources is the most important factor, when it comes to operate the wellness department.
Since we have a long experience in finding and training personnel, we undertake your hotel’s SPA department. By following specific techniques, we ensure the consistent quality of the services provided and the smooth daily operation of the wellness center.

Staff Recruiting

We undertake the finding of the appropriate human resources, through the evaluation process. We select people who have a passion for the wellness industry and maintain a professional profile. We are committed to the final selection of the necessary personnel, ensuring the proper staffing and organization of the wellness-spa department of your hotel.

Staff Evaluation

The evaluation process of the subordinate staff and the new candidates is carried out by skills and knowledge tests.
The evaluation process enables us to have a targeted redistribution of responsibilities, based on the skills and competencies of the personnel.

Staff Training

We provide continuous theoretical and practical training in compliance with all standards, in accordance with the International Service Protocols (SOP’S).