Operation Stages

Hotel Wellness undertakes the daily operation of your hotel Spa, following procedures, steps and conditions, essential for its smooth and perfect operation (SOP’S). A management system based on specific specifications and protocols of quality.
Our company enables you to opt for two ways of collaboration, as far as the wellness department is concerned: Management and Renting your place.
Whatever way of collaboration you may choose, you will be surrounded by a team of experienced counsellors, who will assist you. This will enable you to operate successfully and effectively the wellness department of your own hotel.
Our goal is to offer your customers the ultimate wellness experience, respecting their needs and demands, while creating a profitable department for your hotel.


This stage starts before the beginning of the season, and it is completed about a month before the first operating day that the SPA is available to its guests. This stage includes the following services:
1) Spa menu creation.
2) Cost analysis of all SPA treatments.
3) Invoice policy.

4) The Spa location is evaluated, suggestions and solutions for improvement are proposed.
5) More appropriate and efficient management of the following facilities
• Cabins
• Communal areas
• Service areas
6) Selection of appropriate attire, functional supplies, and consumables for the most proper operation of the center.
7) Defining & creating all products and services – creating packages.
8) Defining a retail plan.
9) Selecting and training of Spa Manager and related staff. Necessary (numerically) staff for the smooth beginning of the center.
• Salary negotiation
• Training for the product
• Training for the offered services
• Training for the product sales
10) Preparation of documents and manuals, which refer to the spa operation, maintenance, hygiene, safety as well as website design.
11) A job description, for all the working positions, is prepared.
12) Preparation of educational manuals (for offered services, client management, sales, etc).
13) Budget for equipment and operational expenses.

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This stage starts a month before the beginning of the SPA operation and it is completed the first day of the SPA operation, offering the following services:
1) Personnel internship in client management with scenarios and real operating conditions.
2) Therapists’ training on the services, as well as the treatments the SPA will offer.
3) Inspection of facilities in operating conditions and troubleshooting.

4) Completion of orders to suppliers for cosmetics and consumables.
5) Finalization, participation in the creation and printing of operating forms, final customer management process, questionnaires, medical history and training of the hotel personnel in the services of the spa center and its facilities.

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Post - Opening

This stage starts the first day of the SPA operation and it is completed a month after the last day of its operation, and includes:
1) Budget finalization and monitoring.
2) Quality management through specific check points daily.
3) Daily turnover analysis and dynamic actions to achieve it.
4) Monthly cost monitoring.
5) Collaboration with all the departments of the hotel for effective promotion of the SPA center.