How Do You Feel Today?

Best Premium Spa Experience / Hospitality Awards 2020

“How do you feel today” is a pioneering and award-winning concept that offers guests a unique spa experience!

Our concept combines in perfect harmony our 5 senses, offering the visitor a complete experience of enjoyment, relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness.

Each of our SPA treatments is adapted through 4 different moods, in which the client is classified after a lifestyle questionnaire.

Energetic, Vacation, Joyful, Romantic. There are 4 moods that shape this concept, and therefore, there are also 4 SPA treatment proposals that we offer, depending on the profile and the needs of the visitors.

Energetic mood: Active people, who need adventure and intense activities, belong to this type of mood. SPA treatments for this mood are accompanied by the rosemary essence, which calms, stimulates, and leads the muscular system to a state of relaxation, after all this vigorous exercise.

Joyful mood: Happy and optimistic people with a positive attitude, belong to this category. These people are open to new experiences, ideas, and opportunities. Their SPA treatments are based on the lavender essence, which repairs and nurtures the skin, contributing, at the same time, to a more balanced nervous system.

Vacation mood: People who don’t travel just for the sea and our sightseeing but need some good rest and relaxation, belong to this category. The jasmine essence stands out when it comes to the SPA treatments of this mood. This essence calms down the senses and it also brings back the skin hydration, leaving the skin soft and sleek.

Romantic mood: Dreamers and generally those who maintain a romantic view of life, belong to this type of mood. Couples who came here to enrich their relationship or came here alone to fall in love. The mint extract that accompanies SPA treatments is what helps the tired body to rejuvenate and increases energy levels.